stop to hospitalizations in three departments of the Brain

Stop hospitalizations in three departments of the Brain. This was decided by the general manager Walter Messina and the medical director Aroldo Gabriele Rizzo in the light of the “persistence of the increase in the pandemic curve”. The provision provides for the suspension of activities in the units of Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology and Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Diseases as well as the need to discharge or transfer the related patients to other hospitals.

The doctors of the Brain have continued relentlessly, for months now, to launch appeals to citizens in the hope that even more skeptics can change their minds. “The hospital is full. Unfortunately there are still many – explains a doctor – those who arrive here because they have not been vaccinated, hospitalized with Covid-related pneumonia, creating many problems for other patients who have other diseases and are no longer able to find space” . The blockade of admissions will serve to convert areas and beds for patients infected with Coronavirus. Yesterday there were 1,200 new cases in Sicily, with a positive rate of 6.6%; 848 people hospitalized in Covid areas ( 6 compared to the previous day), 117 of them in intensive care (with 12 registered in the previous 24 hours). To date, over 6.5 million vaccine doses have been delivered to the island, 88.7% of which have already been injected. The percentage of vaccinated people who have completed their cycle stands at 63%. In Palermo, on the initiative of the Covid Emergency Office, activities continue both in drive-in mode (in the hub of the Mediterranean Fair) and with the “door to door” mode. Today, Sunday 5 September, from 5 to 11 pm, doctors will have a position at the Sirenetta Restaurant, in Viale Principe di Scalea. You just need to be at least 12 years old, have a health card and an identity document. Admission is free but users are advised to book ( click here ) to speed up times and present themselves with the documentation already filled out. On Monday 6 September the initiative moves to Kalsa, from Ciccio pass me the oil, from 6 to 12 pm). The other stops are scheduled at Vergine Maria (7 September, Mistral pizzeria), Cep (8 September, San Giovanni Apostolo center), Vucciria (9 September, Taverna azzurra) and Sperone (13 September, Valentino Renda gym) “. “This initiative – reads a note from the Covid emergency office in Palermo – is part of both the ‘Vaccini in the neighborhood’ calendar and the partnership with Confcommercio Palermo born in early summer to vaccinate workers and employers first of all and customers, but the stage is open to anyone. Here too, the same rules: at least 12 years old, document and health card, preferably with reservation ( click here ) “.

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