Stop the supply of water, closed about thirty schools in Messina: here are the ones

From tomorrow afternoon about thirty schools in Messina will close their doors until Monday due to lack of water.

They are located in the northern area of ​​the city and will be affected by the suspension of the water supply due to some urgent works that the Amam will have to carry out on the pipeline that connects the Fiumefreddo aqueduct to the Noviziato-Casazza reservoir.

This is foreseen by an ordinance of the mayor Federico Basile. The school complexes located in areas of the city not affected by the suspension of the water service are excluded from the works.
The supply of the water service will be suspended for at least 72 hours. And given the impossibility of using the toilets in the school facilities and ensuring the use of water inside the buildings, many institutes will remain closed.

Here in detail, all the schools that will remain closed

“Gravitelli” comprehensive school: complexes in via Castelli and in Gravitelli.
Comprehensive Institute “St. Francesco di Paola”: complex of S. Licandro and central headquarters of S. Francesco di Paola.
“E. Vittorini” Comprehensive Institute: complexes SS Annunziata, in via Caprera and in viale Annunziata.
“Villa Lina Retiro Cesareo” Comprehensive Institute: Villa Lina complexes, Lombardo Radice, Mauro, Salice, S. Michele, Vann’Antò.
“Petrarca – Paradiso” Comprehensive Institute: Petrarca headquarters, Ganzirri and Donato complexes.
Comprehensive Institute “Evemero da Messina”: headquarters, complexes Torre Faro, Faro Superiore, Papardo.
“Boer – Verona Trento and Christ the King” Comprehensive Institute: former Matteotti building.
La Farina Higher School – Basile: Basile Annunziata campus
Bisazza high school viale Annunziata
Antonello high school – Verona Trento – Todaro: Majorana complex and viale Giostra.

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