Stop the carriages when the temperature reaches 35 degrees: “This is how we protect the horses”

Stop to horse-drawn carriages and buggies when the temperature reaches 35 degrees. This is what is established by the ordinance issued today by the mayor to protect animals on hot days. A measure awaited for days, after two horses – exhausted by the heat – fell to the ground in recent weeks: one in via Roma and the other in front of the Massimo theater.

The order, requested by the councilor for the branch Toni Sala, imposes a ban on movement for vehicles with animal traction (used for the transport of tourists or approved only with the driver) if the mercury column reaches or exceeds 35 degrees, regardless of the time. One way to keep animals safe in the presence of heat waves, such as those expected in the coming days. To find out whether or not to suspend their activity, the gnuri will have to consult the data published by the National Center of Meteorology and Climatology of the Air Force, through the website, or the bulletin of the Civil Protection. Just the Civil Protection reports for tomorrow temperatures perceived up to 40 degrees (red alert). Maximum level also on Thursday, with peaks of 37 degrees in the province of Palermo. “The ordinance – explains the Councilor for Animal Rights, Toni Sala – aims to protect the health of horses, especially in the days when temperatures will be higher. The Municipality cares about the welfare of animals and to this we will set up a technical table with animal rights activists, veterinarians, volunteers and stakeholders in order to collect ideas and suggestions to be merged into a special regulation that our offices are already working on. We need clear and effective rules “.

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