Stm and perspectives, Pappalardo (Fismic): “We monitor investments”

Editorial staff 28 September 2021 19:07

Share STMicroelectronics of Catania confirms itself as the “spearhead” of the Sicilian industry. The Fismic union, with its general secretary Saro Pappalardo, participated in the annual meeting planned by the metalworkers’ national collective agreement, in the presence of the top management and the forces of the unitary trade union representation. A meeting from which significant data emerged. After the crisis in the sector unleashed by Covid, in fact, turnover and orders have returned to grow, and with them the development prospects of the Catania plant. “We can only positively acknowledge the efforts and results obtained, thanks to the work and sacrifice of workers, especially in such a particular historical moment”, said Pappalardo at the end of the meeting. The summit was positive, he continues, “taking into account the growth that is being recorded both on the part relating to silicon and on the part relating to SIC”. The meeting was attended remotely by the CEO of STM, Orio Bellezza, who communicated how the company’s strategic guidelines are focused on growth, in favor of shareholders, customers and stakeholders. During the summit, the company’s forecasts for the next three years were presented. In particular, a leap in the automotive sector is expected, with an average growth of 15 per cent, but expectations are also positive for the industrial sector (5 per cent), IOT (4 per cent) and for communication devices (5 per cent) ). The portfolio of STMicroelectronics, continued Beauty, ranges from sustainable mobility to energy conversion up to IOT (Internet of think). The main pillars of the technologies focus on Mems, Cmos, Analog, BCD, Discrete, VIP, optical sensors, in addition to technological developments on the package. A focus was dedicated to the prospects for the Catania plant. The Etna site remains at the forefront of BCD technology, but also of Gan and VIP technologies. The future, however, is represented by the SIC. Investments in this technology are continuously growing – in particular on the 6-inch SIC, with the prospect of reaching 8 inches – with a tenfold company capacity since 2017 and considerable customer growth. For this the company has foreseen an acceleration of the financing on this technology. Already in 2020, 338 thousand euros were invested in assets and 348 thousand euros in research. During the meeting, the theme of the “Norstel” plant was also discussed, whose work continues, hand in hand with the investments, partly linked to the projects deposited with the European Community. A positive but nevertheless complex situation, emphasizes Pappalardo. “Technological and employment growth passes through various variables. This is why we will continue to monitor investments and urge our Government so that STM can access the funds necessary for the total completion of the investment in the SIC, from which most of the plant’s growth prospects will pass “, concludes the general secretary of Fismic Catania. .

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