Still checks by the railway police, between Palermo and Catania several suspects and arrested

PALERMO – There are 5 suspects , with 2. 365 controlled persons , 50 attended trains , 28 vehicles inspected and 290 patrols engaged in station surveillance services , on board the train and along the railway line and 1 minor tracked down: this is the balance of the main control activities in the week from 22 as of 28 last November by the railway police throughout Sicily.

The agents of the Palermo Operating Sector reported a 72 years for interruption of public service , as surprised on the via ferrata between the stations of Palermo Centrale and Palermo Brancaccio , as he moved from one track to another, seriously endangering his life and compromising the safety of railway traffic , as well as a citizen of Guinea of ​​20 years which, following investigations carried out in the joint force database, was found to be irregular in the territory national and therefore equipped with a further expulsion decree.

In Palermo , the Railway Police reported in a state of freedom a French of 36 years , responsible for crimes of insult and resistance to a Public Official , damage and unjustified carrying of objects capable of offending. Following a request from a train conductor, the Railway Police operators found themselves in front of the man who, in an evident state of agitation, went into a rage , railing against them and damaging a station waste bin. The French citizen, found in possession of two switchblade knives, initially fled, thanks to the help of the staff of the local Police Headquarters, was traced in the city streets not far from the railway plant and investigated in a state of freedom.

Also in Palermo, the operators went to great lengths to accompany a man who, following an accident, had cut off a finger of his hand, at a health center.

In Catania , the operators of the Railway Police Section reported in two Italians state of freedom , both of 51 years , responsible for the transport and subsequent abandonment of hazardous waste, consisting of asbestos panels, inside the locomotive depot.

Finally, in Catania , the agents, during the performance of the surveillance services inside the plant railway , they tracked down a boy 14, who was arbitrarily removed from his home, then entrusting him to his mother.