Steal pc in a school. Arrested with stolen car


The Carabinieri of the Tenence of Misterbianco, in the flagranza of a crime of aggravated theft, arrested the 40 year old from Catania Alessandro Nicosia.

The man had thought well to prey on the IT equipment the comprehensive Misterbianchian institute Aristide Gabelli ", located in that via Gramsci and, to complete the deplorable predatory act, he had forced a door of the school by going directly to the computer lab, highlighting a perfect knowledge of the places.

The criminal, however, had not come to terms with the sophisticated alarm system set up to protect the educational institution, which did its job by activating the call to the police.

In the meantime, the thief, who had already mastered 3 laptops and a DVD player, fled aboard his FIAT Punto parked in front of the school but the military, with a maneuver, managed to block the fleeing car handcuffing the thief.

The stolen property was returned to the head of the school, while the arrested was placed under house arrest pending the rite for direct.

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