Steal and empty credit cards for the elderly: arrested


The Carabinieri of the Riposto Station, at the conclusion of a meticulous investigative activity, arrested the 30-year-old Salvatore Grasso, convicted of Giarre, in execution of an order for pre-trial detention in prison issued by the investigating judge of the Court of Catania at the request of the Etna Prosecutor, because responsible for numerous fraudulent withdrawals from credit cards and postamat, previously stolen from local elders.

The facts date back to the summer of 2018. The investigations have ascertained, on the suspect's account, as many as 4 undue withdrawals for a total of more than 2,000 euros, carried out using stolen cards. The latter took place in the streets of the city center of Giarre, to the detriment of elderly people who left the cars open with bags and purses in sight or even with the car in motion.

The Carabinieri of the Riposto Station, through a meticulous analysis of the video surveillance images and thanks to the profound knowledge of thehumus criminal by the military of the Compagnia di Giarre, they reconstructed the criminal actions of Grasso nailing him to his responsibilities for the execrable crime committed against people of the third age, a real weak band.

The Catania judiciary fully agreeing with the investigative results, ordered the arrest and custody in the prison of Catania in Piazza Lanza of the man, who will have to answer for the crimes of receiving stolen property with aggravated recidivism and undue use of credit and payment cards continued and always with aggravated recurrence.

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