Stazzo, sea prohibited for bathers


Sea prohibited in the acese fraction of Stazzo. The analyzes of the ASP revealed values ​​outside the norm regarding enterococci. So yesterday the administration took note of it and issued a subsequent order. which contains the prohibition of bathing.

Signs will be affixed to indicate the prohibition and new analyzes will have to be awaited and the go-ahead of the ASP to return to swimming in the waters of Stazzo. Afterwards a revocation of the order will be required.

The mayor, Acese Alì, said: "I issued a temporary prohibition on bathing in the area of ​​Stazzo that goes from the port to via Ribera, for exceeding the legal limits of the value found in the analysis of the Enterococci. The legal limit is 200, the value reached, communicated informally to me, is 250 ".

"The withdrawal is on August 7th and the check will be performed again in the next 72 hours. In case of re-entry within the limits it will be communicated and I will proceed with the withdrawal of the order. The sampling takes place discreetly and for Stazzo it concerns the point IT019087004005 via Spiaggia 94, to which however the stretch of coast that goes from the port to via Ribera is linked ”.

The problem, which is gripping all of Sicily, is that of discharges to the sea and purification. The alarm has been launched for years by Legambiente with the Golletta Verde study initiative.

Out of 25 points on the coast monitored on the island, 16 are outside the legal limits. Of these, 12 are considered "highly polluted". In the viewfinder there are always canals and foci that continue to spill discharges into the sea that are not properly purified.

Four points analyzed in the province of Catania: the outlet of the sewage drain at the beginning of the Galatea waterfront in the municipality of Acicastello is highly polluted and the mouth of the Alcantara between Catalabiano and Giardini Naxos; polluted the mouth of the Macchia stream in Mascali. Finally, within the legal limits, the point on the beach facing the Forcile canal in Contrada Pontano d’Arci in Catania.

On the subject, the mayor of Acireale added: "Since September we have collaborated with Commissioner Rolle and after a series of remarks made, in full harmony with the municipal council that has activated a specific commission and an ad hoc session on the subject, in May we arrived at the service conference that approved the project. The funds are there, there is talk of hundreds of millions of euros, the political will we have expressed, now we must leave urgently. The tactics of the past are not good for me because, in order not to have the courage to make a politically unimportant choice from those interested in the area, a city and a territory are penalized, even subjecting us to fines. It is a shame that in 2019 a city of 50,000 inhabitants is without a drain. All this thanks to those who in the past have continued to ventilate alternative solutions for having the funds available ".

"Known, however, with enormous regret that a fundamental and extraordinary step such as that of the construction of the sewerage and of the purification is considered less significant for our territory than an hour of limitation to more or less traffic. A sea polluted by ourselves is not among the indices of livability. Today we mourn the delays, fines and dirty water, the very ones that should be our business card, "concluded the mayor.

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