State-mafia court, Ros did not want to capture Provenzano PALERMO

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PALERMO, 06 AUG “Excluding any hypothesis of collusion with the mafia, if Mori and Subranni could have an interest in preserving Provenzano’s freedom, this could well be motivated by the conviction that Provenzano’s leadership, better than any hypothetical and improbable agreement, would have in fact guaranteed against the risk of the prevalence of massacre instincts or a return to the hard line of violent opposition to the State “.
This was written by the Assize Court of Appeal in the sentence on the so-called Statomafia negotiation, arguing that the Carabinieri wanted to “favor Provenzano’s inaction in a soft way”.
“There were therefore unspeakable reasons of ‘national interest’ not to upset the internal balance of power of the Cosa Nostra which sanctioned the hegemony of Provenzano and his strategy of invisibility or submersion explain, at least until this was the line imposed on the whole organization.
A superior interest pushed to be allies of one’s enemy in order to counter an even more dangerous enemy “.

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2022-08-06 13:49:00

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