Start of salt collection in Marsala, “white gold” affected by rains and high costs

The salt harvest has begun in Trapani, specifically at the Ettore and Infersa salt pans in Marsala. Just like last year, the collection of white gold takes place in the afternoon and evening hours, allowing workers to avoid the hottest part of the day. This tradition of manual harvesting in the Trapani province ensures the selection of “integral” salt that contains essential elements like magnesium and potassium, without the need for further processing. The spectacle of sunset salt harvesting around the “Mulino d’Infersa” is truly unique and will continue throughout the summer. Visitors will have the opportunity to witness the saltpan workers from Sosalt, the heirs to this ancient and fascinating profession, moving among the hundred or so flat pans until midnight. For tourists, it will be a remarkable experience, while the saltpan workers can extract the marine salt under optimal weather conditions to be packaged in Trapani’s facilities. Preserving the tradition, heritage, and encouraging tourism are the objectives of this salt harvest.

The 2023 harvest faced significant delays due to spring showers in May and June. Normally, the harvest starts in July, but this year it began on August 10th. The producers are not entirely happy with this year’s harvest, estimating a 25% decrease in production due to the delayed crystallization caused by the rain and subsequent flooding in the salt pans. The Saline Ettore and Infersa, along with the Sosalt company, expect to lose approximately one month of production. Despite these challenges, the hand-harvested salt from these salt pans remains a unique product in Italy, boasting the IGP quality certification. However, the high cost of manual harvest and a shortage of skilled labor pose significant threats to this production, although the quality of the product helps mitigate these concerns to some extent.

Partita la raccolta del sale a Marsala, l’«oro bianco» colpito da piogge e alti costi

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