ST Microelectronics: “stressed and organic workers to the bone”, the complaint of Uilm Catania


“In the Stm plant in Catania, many workers in the production areas continue to receive pressure from their department managers who ask to guarantee high production”.

“Unsustainable claim, considering that the workforce is now reduced to the bone also due to agreements signed by companies that are too compliant with company wishes”.

The trade union representatives and the Uilm territorial Secretariat write this in a note, adding: “We ask for a discussion with the management to seek the solution of these critical issues, without ignoring the now indispensable search for new staff who can cover the current, evident, shortcomings “.

“We believe an increase in productivity is good for everyone, but on the condition that the workloads are fair and calibrated. Only further assumptions can allow the balanced distribution of the greater weight of production ”.

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