squares of Palermo closed in case of crowds (throughout the summer)

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This is a measure adopted “to prevent and eliminate serious dangers that threaten safety and preserve the dignity of the territory”.
Here are the roads concerned

New mayor …
extended bans.
With an ordinance dated 1 July, the new mayor Roberto Lagalla extends the previous ordinza wanted by Orlando, number 51 of 29 April 2022 and which provided for the interruption of pedestrian and / or vehicular transit in some central squares of the historic center of Palermo on weekends until June 30th.

The Prefecture of Palermo he asked, on the recommendation of the Chief of Police, for the possibility of an extension of the provision.
Hence the new ordinance which provides, in the event that the conditions are met in terms of order and public safety, the interruption of transit, from 18 to 4 every Friday and Saturday until September 15th 2022.

Which squares are concerned

Piazza Sant’Anna

Via Lattarini at the corner of Piazza Sant’Anna; piazza Sant’Anna at the corner with via Cagliari; piazza Croce dei Vespri corner piazza Aragona; piazza Croce dei Vespri at the corner with Valguarnera alley.

Vucciria market

Via Maccheronai at the corner of Piazza San Domenico; Caracciolo descent at the corner with via Roma; via Pannieri at the corner of Corso Vittorio Emanuele; alley Mezzani corner Corso Vittorio Emanuele; via Argenteria at the corner with Vicolo Paterna; via dei Coltellieri at the corner of the White Rose alley; vicolo Mezzani at the corner of via dei Frangiai.

Piazza Magione

Via Rao at the corner of Via Pardi; via Filangeri corner via Rao; alley Caccamo all’Alloro; via dei Risorti at the corner with via della Vetreria; via della Vetreria at the corner with via dello Spasimo; via Castrofilippo corner via Riso; via Riso at the corner with via della Vetreria; via Magione corner via Botta.

The ordinance also provides that on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, from 20 to 7, it will be forbidden to administer and sell drinks for take-out of any nature in glass bottles or other materials whose improper use is likely to threaten personal safety (including those of vending machines): the administration by the seller must take place in paper cups.

Failure to comply with the order is punished with a penalty ranging from 500 to 5 thousand euros.

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