“Sports in the parks”. The Municipality of Trapani is a candidate for the project


The Municipality of Trapani participates in the public announcement for the “Sport in the parks” project.

The project, born from the collaboration between Sport and Health and ANCI (National Association of Italian Municipalities), aims to promote new models of outdoor sports practice, both independently and through the Amateur Sports Associations and Societies operating in the area, and the creation of synergies of purpose between the same ASD / SSD and the Municipalities – which go beyond the emergency period – for the use of municipal green areas.

There are two areas of participation in the call.
LINE OF INTERVENTION 1 – Preparation of new equipped areas and redevelopment of existing ones, in co-financing with the Municipalities.
The identified area is located in the southern part of the city, adjacent to the Via Erodoto. A flat area with an extension of almost 2000 square meters.
LINE OF INTERVENTION 2 – Identification of green areas in city parks to be allocated to “Urban sport activities and weekends”.
For this context, the CA has identified an area adjacent to Via Ten. Alberti, next to the Municipal Swimming Pool.
In case of useful placement in the ranking, the Municipality of Trapani undertakes to co-finance € 10,000 for intervention line 1 and € 12,000 for intervention line 2.
“In addition to encouraging socialization – says Councilor Abbruscato – we want to broaden the audience of beneficiaries of sports practices and provide educational opportunities for healthy behaviors. Obviously when all this is possible. Fundamental will be the help of sports clubs – continues the Councilor – who will apply for the effective implementation of the project which also aims to recover unused municipal property areas. We will therefore achieve a double purpose: incentivising amateur sport and restoring places at risk of abandonment “.

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