Sport and disability, the crest of the Municipality of Mazara to the paralympic swimmer Bortuzzo

An exceptional guest at the Municipality of Mazara del Vallo to talk about sport and disability. The municipal administration has received Manuel Bortuzzothe Paralympic swimming champion who was testimonial of the solidarity event staged at the Palazzetto dello Sport to raise public awareness on the issue of disability.

Bortuzzo, a much appreciated character, was welcomed by the deputy mayor Vito Billardello who gave him the crest citizen and two publications on Mazara del Vallo. The deputy mayor also communicated the imminent start of construction work on the first municipal swimming pool, expressing the hope that Manuel Bortuzzo will be able to participate in the inaugural event.

Accompanied by representatives of the cultural association “La Vita è Bella”, Manuel Bortuzzo then met the president of the municipal council Vito Gancitano and a group of municipal councilors for a further institutional greeting.

Last November, the 23-year-old from Trieste won silver in the 100m breaststroke SB4 at the Italian Paralympic swimming championships in Fabriano. Bortuzzo on February 3, 2019, by mistake, was wounded in the spine during a shooting outside a club in Rome, where he was with his girlfriend at the time, losing the use of his legs. A young promise of Italian swimming, Bortuzzo trained at the Federal Center in Ostia. Since that evening, however, his life has changed forever, but with an incredible strength of mind and the resilience of the champion, Manuel has never given up on fate.

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