speed up the renovation of the entrance road to the Chiello hospital

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With Resolution No.
505 of 6 April 2022, on the proposal of the Technical Service UOC, the executive project for the reconstruction of the access road to the M.
Chiello Hospital in Piazza Armerina was approved for an amount of approximately 83.00 euros.
On 29 April with Resolution no.
648, the Asp of Enna initiated the
award procedure through request for offer on the MEPA.

To date, however, we have no news regarding the possible assignment of the works, when the construction site should start or by what date they should be completed.
Meanwhile, citizens, health workers and ambulances with patients inside them continue to travel every day along a road that is now reduced to a sieve with the real risk of accidents.
I can understand the bureaucratic delays in a situation of normality, but here we are talking about an emergency, so it would be desirable that those who are carrying out the procedures for entrusting the work, do it more quickly.
It is already very serious that the access road to a hospital in a country that defines itself as civil has been reduced at this point, in addition, with an executive project already approved for two and a half months, the works have not yet started .

But all this is intolerable !!! At this point I believe it is appropriate that the highest political expressions of the territory, the Honorable Lantieri, who has already intervened on this issue and who had announced in real time the approval of the executive project, and the Mayor Cammarata as first citizen and of the highest health authority of the city, intervene in relation to the heads of the ASP, to prevent the times from getting longer than expected.

I hope this will be done immediately, hoping that concrete answers can arrive on the other side.
The Chiello Hospital, but above all the access road that leads to it, can no longer wait.

Sicilian news 2022-06-24 14:25:00

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