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Speed ​​cameras and telelaser, here are all the “special guarded” roads in Palermo

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Several roads in the city under control.
In fact, the weekly checks by the municipal police continue to combat high speed and the risk of accidents.
Speed ​​cameras, telelaser and mobile devices in action on the roads.
Another week of electronic controls was scheduled by the speed control core.
The police have communicated the list of city streets that will be subjected to checks from 4 to 10 April 2022.

Fixed boxes are provided in the central carriageway of viale Regione Siciliana in the following points:

  • civic height 3666 towards Catania
  • height via Principe di Paternò towards Trapani
  • height via Nave towards Catania
  • height via La Loggia towards Trapani
  • junction height via Ernesto Basile towards Trapani and towards Catania
  • height of the first ramp at the Bonagia junction towards Trapani and towards Catania

Telelaser and mobile devices are foreseen in:

  • viale Regione Siciliana side carriageway towards Trapani and towards Catania

Telelaser are also provided in:

  • via Freedom
  • viale del Fante
  • way of Olympus
  • viale Rossa Croce

Mobile appliances are foreseen in:

  • viale Michelangelo
  • via Margherita di Savoia
  • viale dell’Olimpo
  • via Ernesto Basile
  • viale del Fante
  • via Ercole
  • via Diana