Speed ​​detectors in San Michele (Ag) Gramaglia: "long awaited intervention"


In Agrigento, on the initiative of the municipal councilor of Forza Italia, Simone Gramaglia, a joint inspection took place, with the municipal councilor for Public Works, Mauro Patti, and the commander of the Local Police, Cosimo Antonica, near the school "Kolbe ”, In the hamlet of San Michele, north of the city, where speed detectors have been installed.

"Already in 2013, after several inspections, I dealt with the serious problem of precarious road safety around the 'Kolbe' educational institution due to the presence of a road, which also leads to the hospital, which is densely trafficked, declares Gramaglia. Already at the time, we purchased deterrent equipment. But then everything ran aground. Now, having taken over from the City Council, I felt it right to conclude what has already been started. Speed ​​detectors are a long-awaited intervention as a tool intended to ensure greater safety for the many children who attend the 'Kolbe' school and also for the many workers who use the area as a transit road and connection to the hospital and the industrial area. I thank the municipal administration, the commander Antonica and in particular the commissioner Mauro Patti for the promptness with which he promptly worked "- concludes Simone Gramaglia.

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