Spectacular cliff collapse near Lipari’s sea stacks

A landslide occurred near the cliffs in Lipari, specifically in the area of Ferrante. Fortunately, there were no consequences from the event. The beach of Praia Vinci, near the landslide-prone area, is prohibited for swimming due to the danger of rock falls. However, the sea in this section is always crowded with boaters. At the time of the landslide, there were no bathers or boats in the water. The incident was captured by some boaters who were at a safe distance. The Aeolian Islands have recently issued a new municipal ordinance to identify the risk areas on all the islands, and this list has grown from the previous year. The coastguard advises boaters to keep a safe distance from the cliffs. Photo and video credits to notiziarioeolie.it

Lipari, spettacolare frana a mare vicino ai faraglioni

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