Spal-Palermo, Stulac and Saric could return to midfield

Spal-Palermoscheduled tomorrow afternoon at 3 pm at the Mazza stadium in Ferrara it’s a true clash salvationthe umpteenth for the rosanero line-up that closes a three-game tour de force involving the teams in the Serie B championship. A match in which Palermo arrives without having recovered any player who had not been called up for Thursday’s match with Como.

Not even the time to recover from the efforts against the Larians that the team flew towards Ferrara where Corini was unable to bring with him the various Lancini, Crivello Buttaro, Doda and obviously Elia. The Rosanero coach said a few days ago that if there had to be a turnover, he would have thought of it for the match against Spal. Therefore possible changes in formation although not very many. Department by department, Marconi’s return is probable in defence: Nedelcearu’s exclusion, however, is difficult even though the player hasn’t missed a single minute in the whole championship.

Very probable is the use of Valente who was spared against Como in the starting eleven: some news is also possible in midfield where Stulac and Saric could take back the starting shirt. In fact, Gomes appeared a bit tired after the many games he played as a starter.

At Spal, De Rossi wants to break the spell and try to return to victory after 6 races without success. Perugia’s point gives confidence after 3 consecutive defeats.

Here are the probable lineups:

Spal (3-5-2): Alfonso, Peda, Varnier, Meccariello, , Proia, Esposito, Tunjov, Tripaldelli Zanellato Mancini, Finotto
Palermo (4-3-3): Pigliacelli; Mateju, Nedelcearu, Marconi, Sala; Segre, Stulac, Saric; Valente, Brunori, Di Mariano.

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