Spadafora, second session of exams for the Galilei high school graduation

Today, four students at the Galileo Galilei high school in Spadafora, Sicily, had to retake their oral exam after irregularities were found by the Regional School Office. 11 students returned to face the reexamination after a stressful summer. One student, Jolanda, expressed relief at being done with the exam and planned to focus on her studies and move past the ordeal. Another student, Giulia, described the period as stressful and her father emphasized the absurdity of the situation. The students found out three weeks ago that their appeal had been rejected, and they would have to retake the exam. The reexamination started on November 9th and will conclude tomorrow. The case began when a student’s family filed a lawsuit after the final results of the exam, leading to an inspection that uncovered significant irregularities, resulting in the cancellation of the oral exams.

Spadafora, va in scena il bis degli esami di Maturità al liceo scientifico Galilei

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