Sound engineer of the Biondo theater in Palermo hired after 16 years of appeals

After a legal battle that lasted nearly 16 years, a worker at the Biondo Theater managed to get his job recognized with a permanent contract. The CGIL claims it in a statement.
«Mauro Fontana, 46 years old, sound engineer, had worked in the theater with fixed-term contracts, extended from time to time, gaining the right to be hired. But – continues the union – stabilization had not arrived. His first fixed-term employment with the Biondo theater dates back to 2006. The one on a permanent basis has arrived now, 16 years later, and following a complicated legal case.
The worker, registered with the Slc Cgil Palermo, to ask to be stabilized had decided to present an appeal too, like others. But in 1st and 2nd grade he had lost. The battle seemed almost lost.
But the lawyer Pietro Vizzini, the lawyer of the union that provided him with assistance, recognizing procedural defects in the previous interpretations of the judges, decided to continue in the 3rd degree, with the appeal in Cassation. The Supreme Court declared the fixed-term contract illegitimate and referred the proceeding to the Palermo Court of Appeal, Labor section. The Court of Appeal, presided over by Judge Maria G. Di Marco, issued the verdict on January 19 that overturned the previous ones.