Sonia Alfano to run again with Calenda’s Action in Europe

Sonia Alfano will run as a candidate with Azione in the upcoming European Parliament elections in June, to renew the European Parliament. She was a European Parliamentarian for Italia dei Valori from 2009 to 2014 and is the daughter of a journalist who was killed by the mafia in 1993. She has developed a text on fighting organized crime, corruption, and money laundering, which was approved by the European Parliament’s organized crime commission. The article discusses her candidacy and the values she stands for, including fighting against mafias and corruption. Alfano expresses her gratitude for the opportunity to support Azione’s program, including the creation of a federal Europe and focus on education, work, health, and security. She aims to continue her work in the European Parliament, advocating for the fight against mafias, corruption, and injustices.

Europee, Sonia Alfano si ricandida con Azione di Calenda

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