Sommatino. Possible fall of Chinese rocket fragments: the mayor gives indications of self-protection to citizens. – the Fact Nisseno

SOMMATINO. Mayor Elisa Carbone announced that the Regional Department of Civil Protection has also informed the Municipality of Sommatino of the problem related to the possible fallout of fragments due to the return of the Chinese space launcher.

Potentially affected are nine regions including northern and central Sicily. Fragments can harm people and things but with extremely low probability. At the moment the return to earth forecast is set for 02:24 local time on May 9th, with a time window of uncertainty of ± 6 hours.

“On the basis of the information currently made available, it is possible to provide some useful indications for the population to responsibly adopt self-protection behaviors: it is unlikely that the fragments cause the collapse of buildings, which therefore are to be considered safer than open places. However, it is advisable to stay away from windows and glass doors; the fragments, impacting on the roofs of the buildings, could cause damage, perforating the roofs themselves and the underlying floors, thus also causing danger for people.

Therefore, not having precise information on the vulnerability of individual structures, it can be said that the lower floors of buildings are safer; inside buildings, the structurally safest places to position oneself in the course of a possible impact are, for masonry buildings, under the vaults of the lower floors and in the doorways inserted in the load-bearing walls (the thicker ones), for buildings in reinforced concrete, near the columns and, in any case, near the walls; the smallest fragments are unlikely to be visible from the ground before impact; some large fragments could resist the impact.

In general, anyone who sees a fragment is advised not to touch it, keeping a distance of at least 20 meters, and to report it immediately to the competent authorities “.

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