Sommatino. Lighter Tari bills for the people of Sommatino

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The new PEF 2022 was approved in the City Council for the cost of the Tari on waste.
“The previous one – explained the municipal administration – that we had already found” packaged “, hinged in the municipal council of settlement in June, presented some costs for services never performed in the reference years 2020 and 2021 that had not been well considered and that they will no longer be paid by the citizens.
A critical issue that, fortunately, we were able to resolve.
The Sommatinesi will receive “lighter” Tari bills.

The administration then concluded: “We also preferred to leave the Tari percentage to be paid by commercial activities as it has always been; the minority, on the other hand, had asked for a different distribution of the tariffs which would decrease for domestic users against an increase for non-domestic users ”.

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2022-07-31 08:55:00

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