someone has already fallen. The denunciation of the Vulcania Committee

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CATANIA – In the Etna capital, the Vulcania Committee spontaneous of citizens, raises the question of road marking poles, many of which would be in poor condition.
One of these is already fallen off in via Istituto Sacro Cuore.

From what emerges from the inspections performed in the neighborhood, on many streets of the III Municipality, the percentage of damaged poles is about 25 percent.
The situation of neglect and potential danger was denounced by the spontaneous Vulcania committee of Catania.

From the photos taken by some members of the committee, in various points of the neighborhood it is clear that the poles have been uprooted or have fallen on the windows of the shops or on the asphalt, where they have been lying abandoned for some time; crooked or decapitated poles that have also lost the sign, creating situations of hindrance and danger to pedestrians.

L’appeal of the Committee aims to draw attention to the difficulties created by poor maintenance and periodic monitoring of road signs.

The president of the Committee Angela Cerri, specifying: “We also believe that neglected road signs contribute to increasing the perception of degradation in our neighborhood and arouses in the citizens the image of a neglected city.
There are countless inclined and unsafe signs that seem almost to be able to come down at any moment.

The examples? Via VE Orlando, Via R.
Sanzio, Via Centuripe, Piazza PP Pasolini, Via Istituto Sacro Cuore, Via Monserrato, Via Milano, Via G.
D’Annunzio, Piazza CR Italiana and many others.
It is shameful how we can accept, in this neighborhood, as normal what is not normal and which, on the contrary, borders on and represents the degradation to which we have now been educated and accustomed.

We hope that the Administration, after the numerous protests and reports made by the residents and traders of the neighborhood, will soon take action on the streets of our neighborhood with a real plan of short-term interventions “.

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