“Some colleagues no longer greet me, they see me as a monster”

Editorial staff 28 September 2021 09:36

Share “The Green Pass violates the articles of the first part of the Constitution. And if a law is illegitimate I have a duty to say so precisely because I am a representative of the state. I am a policewoman. I have not committed any crime”. Nunzia Alessandra Schilirò, the deputy chief of Rome who ended up at the center of the controversy after her statements from the stage of San Giovanni, tells Repubblica. The department has filed disciplinary action against him. She went back to work, at Criminalpol. “Some colleagues no longer greet me, they see me as a monster. For others I am a heroine. I don’t feel like either one or the other – he says, aware of risking his job for his statements – I’m afraid it may end like this. But I want to clarify that on that stage I was a free citizen. I was not wearing the uniform, I was exercising my right of expression “. “I am known as a policewoman because the same administration sent me for years on television to represent her. Now they indicate me as a terrorist. It’s absurd, I’m a pacifist – she continues – I left the lawyer to be a policewoman, it was my choice. I repeat, the Green Pass is an instrument of discrimination. I have not committed any wrongdoing, I will appeal against me and I will not stop. I could not say what I think? We will see. I knew it would end like this but there is the Constitution to protect me. The State is wrong and I have not made a mistake in saying it in the square “. On the vaccine he is not unbalanced: “I am for the freedom of choice. I will not go to anyone to say not to get vaccinated. Let’s not joke – he continues, while not answering the question of whether or not I am vaccinated – Let’s say that I could get the Green Pass easily. But I don’t want a card that certifies my state of health if I have to go to the cinema or have dinner in a restaurant “. From 15 October the Green Pass will be mandatory. There is a risk of suspension from the workplace. “I will evaluate different ways. I am pondering what to do. I am very suffering and disappointed by the treatment that the administration has reserved for me”. The proposals from the world of politics, on the other hand, have arrived and Schilirò confirms: “Yes. But at the moment I am a policewoman, I have no intention of doing politics”. The mask “I use it in shops to protect merchants who otherwise risk closure”. And of some officials, his colleagues, who are demanding his resignation for having instigated violence in the crowd, he says: “I have not encouraged any attitude of violence and if my words have been misrepresented, I can only regret that. pure science fiction “.

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