“Solo”: the new solo by Modica composer Salvo Scucces is released

ONLY: Simple nostalgic piece for piano, is the new single by the Modica composer and multi-instrumentalist Salvo Scucces.

Dedicated to all the pianos in theaters, concert halls, pubs and airports that have been silent for too long, with the hope that they will soon be able to play again.

Except Scucces is a multi-instrumentalist, author, arranger, artistic producer, member of the Sicilian band VeiveCura, very active both in solo projects and with other artists.

Graduated from the Milan Conservatory in classical percussion, he has numerous musical activities both in the classical, contemporary, jazz and modern fields, collaborating with various orchestral, chamber and jazz ensembles. He has various recordings and participations in radio broadcasts for RAI Radio3.

listen “Solo”

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