Solidarity of the mayor and the president of the council to the Lombard councilor after the threats

Editorial team 04 September 2021 18:16

Mayor Salvo Pogliese expressed maximum solidarity and closeness to the councilor for social services Giuseppe Lombardo, in relation to the episodes of intolerance that occurred on Friday at the end of a meeting with the representatives of the Primavera association, which manages the shelter center for minors “Mary Poppins “In Librino. “I find the events that have occurred unacceptable – said the mayor Pogliese – which leads to insults and even threatening attitudes towards a councilor and managers who work in the public interest and to whom I confirm full esteem. These are non-conducting behaviors to find equitable and achievable solutions, taking into account the disruption we found in our settlement. But the collaboration of all parties is necessary and working with reasoning and serenity without exasperating the minds, respecting the roles of each and always taking into account that the administration of public affairs does not submit to obstructive or even aggressive attitudes. The technical table that the councilor Lombardo has set up – concluded the mayor – serves precisely to operate with constructive attitudes on the part of all and without prejudice from anyone, in the common interest of the educational mission, of workers, of associations and the public community “. Full solidarity with the councilor for social services Giuseppe Lombardo also came from the president of the municipal council Giuseppe Castiglione. Finally, with regard to the new press release released by the Primavera association, the commissioner Lombardo sent his own reply. “Insults and threats are witnessed by the Digos videos. The civil confrontation we are talking about – Lombardo said – took place for almost two hours starting at 11 am with myself and a delegation made up of the owner of the Primavera association, the representatives of the trade unions, and the representatives of the parents and workers, in which the state of the art of the technical table established in the municipality since March 2021 was represented. acts of the aforementioned technical table, in disregard of the fact that the educational service takes place within a municipal structure and is subsidized with copious sums of public money which, never as in this phase, must be rationalized in the general interest. As for the extrapolation of a single part of the TAR sentence, improperly cited by Dr. Pennisi in her press release, it would do well to re-read every part of the provision, with which the administrative judges reiterate the obligation for the Municipality to carry out the necessary rationalizations to achieve the financial sustainability required by law, albeit after adequate investigation “.

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