Solarino stops to pay the final tribute to Chiara, the student hit and killed in Catania.

It was a day of mourning in Solarino, as the town said a tearful goodbye to Chiara Adorno, the 18-year-old who was hit and killed on the Catania ring road near the university campus. The town came to a standstill as a crowd filled the main church, with many more following the ceremony from outside. The funeral was conducted by Father Luca Saraceno, who tried to share words of comfort with Chiara’s parents and all who loved her in order to move forward despite the difficult reality to accept. The community of Solarino was devastated and tried to show support for the family of the girl who was studying in the city of Catania. The accident that claimed Chiara’s life occurred on November 8th as she was crossing the street with her boyfriend, both were hit by a scooter and then a car. Her boyfriend suffered minor injuries, but nothing could be done for the 18-year-old. Both drivers of the vehicles have been named as suspects in the investigation by the Catania prosecutor’s office. An autopsy has been performed on the body of the young woman in recent hours.

Solarino si ferma per l’ultimo saluto a Chiara, la studentessa investita e uccisa a Catania

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