“So we will recover 2 million cubic meters”

Drilling of new wells and modernization of existing ones, improvement of water withdrawal systems from reservoirs, reconstruction and strengthening of lifting stations, efficiency of pipelines in synergy with the area managers.
These are some of the interventions already implemented by Siciliacque to tackle the water crisis that has hit the entire region and is determining, compared to past years, an estimated reduction of 6.5 million cubic meters between June and next December, as noted in the technical discussions coordinated by the Regional Basin Authority.

Despite the drought, which is causing the dams to be emptied, Siciliacque managed to confirm the quantities of water for 2020 in the summer, thus mitigating the effects of the water crisis. Especially in the central-southern part of the island. The provinces of Agrigento, Caltanissetta and the inland areas of Palermo, which are supplied by the Fanaco-Madonie Ovest water system, were in fact the ones that most suffered from the very few rains of the summer. The compensation interventions carried out by Siciliacque have therefore concentrated in these territories, which are making it possible to recover almost 2 million cubic meters of water. In the province of Caltanissetta, thanks also to the works carried out by Caltaqua, it was possible to recover additional water resources and reduce losses, thus avoiding significant impacts on distribution to users despite the reduced availability of water. With the level of the Fanaco reservoir at an all-time low, in agreement with the Ati of Agrigento, Siciliacque has provided for the drilling of a “twin well” in the Favara di Burgio well field, which will increase the flow rate by a further 30 liters per second. water in the municipalities of the coastal strip of Agrigento, the provincial capital included. The well, built in record time, will come into operation as soon as the necessary authorizations are defined which – thanks to discussions with the ATI and the Civil Engineering Department of Agrigento – should arrive in a short time. Siciliacque also rebuilt the Montescuro di Prizzi and Campanella di Lercara Friddi lifting stations, upgraded the floating water intake system from Lake Ancipa, modernized the Cozzo della Guardia lifting station (Caltanissetta), as well as the Staglio well field in Castelvetrano and that of Giardinello in Comiso. “These interventions – explains the engineer Massimo Burruano, manager of the operational management of Siciliacque – have made it possible to lighten the Fanaco-Madonie Ovest system from its normal use, supplying the neighboring areas connected to it with alternative resources from the other systems. in August we managed to maintain distribution levels in line with what was done in previous seasons, limiting the possible reduction only to the autumn period “. “If between September and December there are no significant rains – underlines Giuseppe Alesso, director general of Siciliacque – we could find ourselves in a particularly complex situation, which we will face with the utmost commitment and in close connection with the Region, the Ati and the area managers. “.

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