Sledgehammer blows to the shop window, the alarm causes thieves to flee attempted theft with a view to Palermo

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Attempted theft using the split window procedure at the Buccheri Optician in via dei Nebrodi in Palermo.
A group of criminals, in the night, partially broke the shop window with blows of clubs and wrenches.

The shop alarm prevented the gang from getting inside the optician and stealing the goods, as happened in other shops in the city.

The owner of the business has already filed the complaint and provided the video surveillance images of the business that will “support” the work of the police.

“I am very bitter and worried about what happened – declared Francesco Buccheri, the owner of the optics targeted – what happened was what other colleagues of mine also suffered.
Obviously we do not get down and move on but we realize that the city is becoming more and more violent and dangerous “.


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