Slaps and spits on the bus driver in Palermo, the Amat: “Unfortunate, safety is needed on board”

“Another unfortunate episode of aggression against our traveling staff”. These are the words of Dominic Caminitigeneral manager of Amat, an investee company that deals with the public transport service in Palermo, on the latest episode of violence that occurred on board a car of the line 101.

They have been present on the bus and tram lines for three weeks 30 new controllers, which up to now had had a more than positive impact: in the first 10 days more than six thousand tickets were sold on board – increased by 40 cents, therefore 1.80 euros instead of 1.40 – for a total of over 11 thousand euros. An initiative that has found the applause of public transport users who have season tickets or with a regular daily ticket tired of being in the minority compared to the Portuguese.

The positive effects, however, were also seen in terms of a greater feeling of safety found in people: in social groups, for example, the importance of having a constant presence on public transport such as the inspector is shared, which reduces the presence of the sly ones, and the attacks suffered by the Amat operators. And, in fact, the reports of violence and vandalism on board Amat vehicles have almost disappeared.

Almost. Because another episode occurred in recent days, when a driver was the victim of slaps and spits. The road taken by Amat, part of the new recovery plan presented by the company to the municipal administration, however, is the right one: “Recently, we have strengthened the verification and on-board services – underlines Caminiti – also safeguarding passengers and Amat staff . This action to prevent and protect their safety will always continue alongside the forces of order, whom we thank for their prompt intervention, which often avoids worse consequences”.

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