Skip the discussion of the general plan, act taken and then set aside


Total confusion continues to reign within the City Council of Palermo . After the controversy arising from the discussion of the resolution on the new TARI tariff , for the record yet to be approved, the exponents of Sala delle Tombidi got bogged down in the umpteenth session transition.

To be the “protagonist”, so to speak, of the classroom debate was the master plan , an act with a strong political significance. A document first taken for processing and, after more than an hour of suspension, set aside for operational needs . The motivation given by the municipal councilors referred to the need to deal with the preparatory acts for the rebalancing plan. Act that must necessarily be approved by 31 January and on which there is currently no convergence of the opposition forces. But someone is not there and, during the session, spoke openly of sabotage of the act.

“moody” City Council on the general regulatory plan

A session, the one today, still carried out in remote mode. This is due to the new pandemic peak from covid – 19, also manifested in the various positive cases that have affected various members of Sala delle Tombidi in recent weeks. The debate, continuing from yesterday’s session, was opened by the controversy established by the municipal councilor of Italia Viva Francesco Bertolino , who pointed the finger at the councilor Paolo Petralia Camassa regarding the increase in the tariff on sports facilities. The president of the V Commission thus asked for a session of council dedicated to the issue, underlining the “guilty silence” of the representative of the Giunta Orlando. Request which was also associated with the group leader of “Sicilia Futura” Gianluca Inzerillo .

After that, the Chamber debated on the removal of the act relating to the master plan. Document taken without major worries of mind, with 24 votes in favor and only five against (Amella, Lo Monaco, Randazzo, Inzerillo and Zacco). But, while the merits of the document were being entered, the municipal councilor of the Democratic Party Milena Gentile asked for the act to be set aside. This is due to the well-known need to deal with the documents relating to the rebalancing plan. Request associated with the group leader of the Common Left Barbara Evola . Result: session suspended for over an hour and conference of the fire group leaders, resolved precisely in the subsequent vote to set aside the deed. Critics of this are the exponent of Fratelli d’Italia Girolamo Russo and the councilor of the “Oso” group Giulia Argiroffi , who spoke openly of “sabotage”.

Giusto Catania challenges the act

On the general regulatory plan, the Councilor for the Branch Giusto Catania intervened in the afternoon. The exponent of the Common Left has launched the challenge to the City Council , openly asking for a discussion on the act. Debate that is unlikely to take place, given the reluctance of the opposition who have “disheartened” Catania itself in recent months.

“I believe that this City Council has a historic opportunity – underlines Catania in its letter -. The adoption of the urban planning tool represents a great opportunity to give certain rules to the city and to allow the ecological change for Palermo. I believe that there is still time to allow the City Council to adopt the deliberative act before the end of the mandate “.

” Schedule sessions to deal with the act “

In addition, the commissioner Catania has highlighted that, until now, the defined path has not been followed up. “We had established, in a conference of group leaders held months ago, a time schedule to deal with the deliberative act. The first part of this process involved the report by the Mayor, the city planning councilor and the offices in order to frame the general strategic lines of the plan “.

Catania, in the letter, underlined that there is ample scope for resuming the journey. “The renewed will of the council body, manifested in today’s session, represents an element of novelty that the municipal administration does not intend to drop and therefore, in the next few days, it will be my responsibility to urge the competent Commission and the district councils to schedule the sessions necessary in order to acquire the preparatory opinions for the deed “