Six electric buses arrive in the Aeolian Islands

Six electric buses arrive in the Aeolian Islands, purchased with funding from the Ministry of Transport and the Region thanks to a contribution of over one and a half million. Three will be used in the islands of the Municipality of Lipari (also for the disabled) and the others in the Municipalities of Salina.

The municipal council of Lipari led by the mayor Riccardo Gullo committed the sum and proceeded with the definitive award of the tender to the company “Tecnobus Industries” of Latina for the supply of the three electric buses. Loan of one million and 116 thousand euros.

The mayor Domenico Arabia has also proceeded with the purchase of a bus of the most recent exhaust gas emission class, with extra-urban diesel, for the Municipality of Santa Marina Salina, to be used for the regional extra-urban line service of the Island of Salina. The tender was awarded to the Mauri Bus company of Desio (Mb). Expenditure of almost 180 thousand euros. The mayor of Leni Giacomo Montecristo proceeded with the purchase of the bus from the Mauri Bus company of Desio (Mb). Expenditure of 183 thousand euros.

The Municipality of Malfa administered by the mayor Clara Rametta instead has already purchased an electric minibus with autonomous driving and advanced technology, for which it had requested a contribution of 200 thousand euros with the intention of using the vehicle in the future “Green Line”, along a path that will enclose an environmental island with zero impact mobility.

An adequate funding of 880 thousand euros has finally arrived from Unesco (580 for Lipari, the remainder for Salina). “Thanks – says the mayor Riccardo Gullo – to the synergy that has been created between the four Aeolian municipalities”. They will be used in Lipari to improve the two car parks of Cappuccini and S.Anna also with renewable energy, for danger signs on the beaches and in the maritime state property to indicate places of interest. Parking lots will also be built in Salina, as well as fire stations.

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