Siracusa Protagonist, “the pack of dogs on the cycle path continues to terrorize citizens”

The growing pack of stray dogs continues to terrify all citizens who go to run or walk on the Rossana Maiorca cycle path.

Vincenzo Vinciullo, Fabio Alota, Mauro Basile and Salvatore Castagnino declare it.

“Despite the assurances and the commitments undertaken, the phenomenon, that is the aggression against defenseless citizens, does not seem to have an end, indeed it increases day by day – they explain – We hope and hope that the Municipal Administration of Syracuse will be able to solve the problem as soon as possible, but at the same time, we invite citizens to be careful to avoid painful consequences “.

“The presence of this large group of strays is yet another demonstration, should it still be needed, of the failure of this Municipal Administration which cannot even solve such a simple and banal problem. Please – Vinciullo, Alota, Basile and Castagnino conclude – go home”.