Siracusa man threatens nightclub security guard with a gun: he is reported, the club closed

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Police have reported a 22-year-old man for aggravated threats with a weapon after an incident in a nightclub in Siracusa during the night between Saturday and Sunday. The man threatened a security guard at the club first with brass knuckles and then with a gun after a dispute with some of his peers.

Witnesses reported to the police patrol that arrived on the scene that some shots were fired as a form of intimidation. The man, already known to the police, fled the scene with friends in a car. Police investigations led to the identification of the perpetrator, who was reported.

The gun was not found by the investigators, and it is presumed that the man got rid of it during his escape. The Chief of Police in Siracusa, Roberto Pellicone, will issue a Daspo Willy against him, a personal prevention measure that falls under the category of “prohibition of access to urban areas,” which was strengthened in December 2020 after the tragic events that led to the murder of 22-year-old Willy Monteiro in Colleferro, Rome. The man will be required to stay away from public venues.

Finally, following an investigation by the police, the nightclub where the violence occurred was closed for 15 days with a decree from the Chief of Police.

Siracusa, minaccia l’addetto alla sicurezza della discoteca con una pistola: lui denunciato, il locale chiuso

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