"Silent" blow to the Post Office: robber empties the coffers, but few realize it


A silent robbery. To the point that some users in a row have not even noticed. So a young criminal this morning attacked the post office in Via Gaspare Palermo, in the central station area. It was around 10.15am. And as things went, he told it directly to those who lived those moments. "A skinny guy arrived with a beige shirt and a light hat – says a witness at PalermoToday -. He had an uncovered face and after having gone beyond the counter, without however climbing over, he took the money from some drawers and had them put in a shopping bag ".

A lightning action that lasted from two to three minutes. A silent blow, because so many did not notice anything. The employees, four in all, were stationary and did not obstruct the raid, perhaps to avoid alarming those present, "also because the robber could be armed – it is the explanation that gives those who witnessed the live shot -. At one point an employee who was at the counter burst into tears. He did everything calmly and calmly without being distracted by anything. As soon as he finished he left the security door and walked quickly towards Via Marinuzzi. He was on foot, not if someone was outside waiting for him ".

Immediately after the employees of the post office blocked the terminals and sent the users out. The police and the carabinieri, who are investigating the case, have also fallen on the spot. The loot is to be quantified. This is not the first time that the post office in Via Gaspare Palermo has been attacked, having previously been targeted by robbers.

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