Siculiana, yes to the appeal of the Municipality: the work of the marina can start again

The judges of the Court of Palermo accepted the appeal and guaranteed the 1.4 million euro loan for the safety of the small port of Siculiana Marina, along the coast of the province of Agrigento. The Municipality of Siculiana presented an appeal against the revocation of the funding which had been ordered by the regional fishery councillorship. The regional offices had established the forfeiture on the basis of a delay in completing the works. However, the Municipality demonstrated that the responsibilities were not attributable to the offices of the local authority.

The Municipality, defended by the lawyer Girolamo Rubino, demonstrated that the failure to meet the deadlines was actually due to a pronouncement by the Ministry of Ecological Transition, or the opinion on the environmental impact, which arrived late. The lawyer highlighted that the municipal administration had activated the necessary environmental impact assessment procedure, but the competent ministerial authority had not hesitated the practice in good time.

The Municipality of Siculiana obtained the allocation of funds in 2018 as part of measure 1.43 of the Po Feamp 2014-2020 with a tender issued in 2016. With this money, the project relating to the “restoration of the port area of ​​the stretch of water” was to be carried out marine of Siculiana Marina». Last summer, however, the cold shower for the town hall. The Region had ordered the revocation of the loan and the recovery of the sums already paid as an advance to the Municipality, around half a million euros. A judicial battle ensued. The municipal administration of Siculiana, with the mayor Giuseppe Zambito, opposed the revocation. The work can be completed.

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