Sicily wins the Oscar for amari: the “World Liqueur Awards” awarded to Amaranca in London

Lin Sicily he won the Oscar for amari: the World Liqueur Awards 2021, one of the most coveted awards in the sector as “best amaro in the world”, was assigned to “Amaranca”. The liqueur, produced on Etna, was awarded the Gold Medal in the prestigious international competition that took place in London in recent days. “We are particularly happy with this recognition – explains the founder Santo Romeo – for us it represents not only an important goal, a precious point of arrival, but above all a moment of growth and further departure to continue exporting the flavors of our beloved volcano “.

“Amaranca”, the Amaro Nobile of Etna, was born in 1998 thanks to the intuition, taste and experience of Romeo, who had been cultivating in his heart for years the desire to create the first Sicilian amaro based on wild orange bitter through the processing of the fruit, to which medicinal herbs and roots collected on the volcano’s slopes are added. He was inspired by his ancestor, Don Totò, who in post-war Sicily was dedicated to the cultivation of citrus fruits and the extraction of essential oils (so-called “i’spiritara”).

Today it is an excellence of the island and the spearhead of the company and the details of the recipe and ingredients remain “top secret”.

For the sons of the founder, the brothers Marco and Antonello Romeo, it is “a winning bet, which satisfies the work done in recent years with great passion and determination to provide consumers with a 100% made in Sicily compound that will be able to establish itself over time. even more as a flagship in the area of ​​indigenous alcoholic offer “.

Bitter at the right point, thanks to the presence of sugar that is barely noticeable, the caramel mixes with the sparkling notes of Etnean herbs and roots, completing the predominant but not intrusive taste of orange; a rhubarb finish, corrected to an alcohol content of 30 °: the unmistakable flavor and the enveloping scent have bewitched the taste buds of the numerous experts of the jury of the English competition, in which dozens of alcoholic products companies from all over the planet participate, divided by categories. For info

April 26, 2021 | 09:29

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