Sicily weather, weekend in the name of the anticyclone, mild temperatures and sun everywhere | BlogSicily

The subtropical anticyclone is still a guarantee of stable and sunny weather conditions. There are only some occasional low cloud banks on the coasts of the middle and lower Tyrrhenian side, but without any effects whatsoever. Stationary or slightly lower temperatures with high temperature range between day and night. Weak northerly winds, local reinforcement. Almost calm or slightly wavy seas.

Sunday – Cloudy in the north over Piedmont and the pre-Alpine area, especially until the afternoon, sunny weather elsewhere. Temperatures in decline, maximum between 13 and 17. Center: We will notice irregular clouds of medium-high type alternating with large sunny patches, especially in the afternoon; some low clouds until morning in the Apennines. Decreasing temperatures, maximums between 12 and 17. South: Variable cloudiness, more dense on the hills; ample sunshine on Campania and the Ionian Sea. Temperatures almost everywhere in decline, maximums between 13 and 18.

Monday – In the North the day will be characterized by general conditions of good weather, in fact, apart from some occasional morning mist on the Alessandria area, the sky will be clear. Center: The day will be characterized by the prevailing good weather, in fact the sun will shine in a sky that will be mostly clear or with some clouds over Lazio and Sardinia. South: The day will pass with good weather conditions

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