Sicily, Tourism: the redevelopment works for Piano Battaglia – il Fatto Nisseno are underway

We have planned and are starting all the redevelopment initiatives aimed at relaunching Piano Battaglia.

We are doing it in agreement with the Metropolitan City of Palermo, the Madonie Park body, the Municipality of Petralia Sottana. It is the best known holiday and winter sports resort and the only ski resort in western Sicily, so far kept out of any development project. The works envisaged by the coordination table range from roads to the helipad, from the information point to the toilets. These are essential interventions for a tourist resort, which have been expected for decades ยป.

Thus the governor Nello Musumeci, announcing the publication of the tender for extraordinary maintenance works of the directional trazzera and of the accesses to the plateau of Piano Battaglia.

“The commitments undertaken in recent months following the inspections that I wanted to carry out, together with the Councilor for the Environment Toto Cordaro – continues the president – we keep them in the best possible way, that is with the facts”.

Piano Battaglia, at 1572 meters above sea level, between the Pizzo Carbonara and Monte Mufara complex, has been the site of numerous regional and national ski events but today it is also the starting point for excursions to the high Madonie.

The regional government has aimed to make up for delays by planning works with other local authorities that can restore it to its former glory.

The one in question, to be exact the recovery of the road that crosses the basin and which is in poor condition, is the subject of the tender that the governor wanted to entrust to the Structure against hydrogeological instability, directed by Maurizio Croce.

The deadline for the announcement is scheduled for 12 May, with a total contract amount of just over 1.6 million euros.
So here we are: the goal is now at hand also because it will be possible to proceed directly to the award, since an executive project is already there.

There are two entrances to the basin: the first from the provincial road 54, on the west side, on the Isnello-Polizzi Generosa side; the second to the east, Petralia Sottana side. The road that crosses it and connects the two entrances develops at the height of the basin. In reality a real track, traced by the repeated passage of the vehicles. The bad road conditions are due to the total absence of any regimentation of surface rainwater. From a technical point of view, the accesses that have a greater slope will be made of cobblestones, with a width of four meters in addition to a gutter for the outflow of water. Over one hundred meters of guard rails will also be placed in order to protect the slope below.

On the access road, a Regia trazzera, about 500 meters long and which winds on the basin, we will proceed with the reconstruction of the road surface in stabilized clay.

Finally, a dry stone wall will be built adjacent to the stretch of trazzera between the Marini refuge and the Madonna delle Nevi Church, for sitting use, in dry stonework and upstream of it a gutter will be placed for the collection of water. Extraordinary maintenance measures will also affect that portion of the plateau that leads from the directional trazzera to the departure station of the chairlift.

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