Sicily: the Region spends 91,000 euros, as well as TVs for 7,000 euros

(ANSA) – PALERMO, 02 JAN – A 48-inch motorized OLED television for 6,954 euros bought from a company based in Rome, business cards and paper material for 2,305.19 euros, clothing for staff for almost 50 thousand euros. And again: seats for armchairs, plants, planters and wicker baskets, almost 2,000 euros for eight printer toners. The list of purchases made, between Christmas and New Year’s, by the Presidency of the Sicilian Region, from the 2022 budget, for a total expenditure of 91 thousand euros.

You can find a bit of everything in the decrees published on the institutional website.

The most substantial expense concerns clothing for personnel, 48,730.26 euros with a 2% discount received from the supplier company of Valguarnera Caropepe (En): these are 21 shirts, 21 trousers, 24 sweaters, 13 pairs of shoes, 12 hats, 3 jackets and 3 belts for the staff assigned to the Park d’Orléans guard service, 5 coats for the staff assigned to the via Magliocco porter’s lodge, a winter and summer uniform complete with accessories and a coat for eight antechamber of the cabinet office of the president of the Region and two winter and summer uniforms complete with accessories for four operators in charge of the governor’s escort and security service.

The 48-inch motorized OLED television (costing 6,954 euros) arrives directly from Rome and has been placed in the offices on the second floor of Palazzo d’Orleans. For the green furnishings, the expense, made in a company in Palermo, amounts to 4,880 euros: 8 plants called stabilized, or similar, of 160/180 cm with cachepot, 2 iron and ceramic planters of 50 cm with artificial plants, 2 30cm wicker planters with artificial plants and 2 30cm wicker planters placed in the state rooms of Palazzo d’Orleans. .