Sicily still orange zone, restaurateurs: “The measure is full and we do not exclude sensational forms of protest”

The new and current situation with respect to the opening forces us again to strongly represent the discomfort that the catering sector expresses.

“To date, the Messina Committee of Public Exercises, which we represent, has acted in compliance with practices and regulations, supporting and supporting the various prescriptions, even the most absurd, in order to prevent the uneasiness that snakes between our people from exploding. To speak in a note the representatives of the acronyms Fipe Messina, Assoristoratori and Alces who continue;

“We have repeatedly acted as a buffer between the institutions and our associates. But today the measure is full. Considering that the Messina index has now reached levels from the white zone among the lowest in Italy, we cannot remain indifferent to the now very serious tensions recorded among our representatives. We had cultivated the illusion that on Monday there would be a partial, albeit unsatisfactory, reopening. Illusion then retracted with yet another proclamation of a further closure and orange zone, with the refusal to put the tables outside. Yet another joke. We now realize that we do not want to dialogue with us and therefore, of course, we feel forced to take a step back in front of a state that does nothing to protect those who are now at the end of their psychological and economic forces. Although we are naturally inclined to dialogue, this time we feel obliged to put forward our reasons in a different way, albeit always ordered and composed, but socially stronger. We have signed, in an agreement with the Chamber of Commerce and proposed to the Region, where it still lies unanswered, we are the first to sign a new protocol with further correct practices to make our companies even safer. We have accepted all closures, even with minimal notice, which not only penalized us from the point of view of direct sales but did not allow us to adequately manage the processing of raw materials, thus causing a double loss to our companies. We have proposed ourselves as direct purchasers of vaccines in order to be able to secure us owners and our employees and thus make our activities doubly safe, both from the point of view of continuous sanitation and that of the transmission of the virus. We have set up our activities with all the safety devices proposed, which turned out to be yet another useless purchase. We spent thousands of euros to create dehors that would also act as embellishment for the urban decor only to discover that we will not even work outside. We would also have adapted to the meter and a half away, supporting smaller activities with the request for usable outdoor areas. But none of this. Today we must therefore make the enormous effort to find the system to coordinate and convey this umpteenth emergency before some reaction obviously becomes negative even for those we represent (see the recent suicide of a colleague in Rome Tiburtina) and who are currently experiencing a moment of strong psychological pressure and a no longer justified limitation of the activity, as sacrosanct as the possibility of doing business. Now the measure is full and we do not exclude sensational forms of protest. “

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