Sicily, SEZ: companies can submit communication for the tax credit

The application for facilitation is presented at all‘Revenue Agency and has been in force since 1 April 2021 thanks to the approval of the strategic plans of the Sicilian region concerning the two SEZ Sicilians institutionalized last June by the national government.

Specifically, the Sicilian companies that decide to undertake a new activity in the special economic zones will enjoy one 50% reduction in income tax deriving from the performance of their activity, on the other hand the companies that will benefit from the facilitation must maintain and guarantee for at least 10 years the activity and the workers created within the project started, under penalty of forfeiture of the benefit and obligation to return the contribution received.

Sicilian companies wishing to invest in the Sicilian Zes and therefore enjoy the tax credit will have to check the consistency of the cadastral data of their activities on the portal and on the website of the agency for territorial cohesion and then electronically forward them to the Agenzia delle Enter the appropriate model approved by the agency.

“The tax credit for the Zes – explains the councilor for productive activities of the Sicilian Region Mimmo Turano – is the first step of the newly established special economic zones and I am sure it will be highly appreciated by the companies that invest and intend to invest in the Sicilian Zes . The Minister for the South Carfagna recently highlighted in parliament that it is necessary to eliminate obstacles and slowness and give new impetus to the Zes: I absolutely agree and hope that we can actively collaborate with the minister to arrive soon at the appointment of commissioners, and thus give operational governance in the Zes “.

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