Sicily, Police stop a farmer with animals to be slaughtered without traceability – il Fatto Nisseno

The Mobile Squad of the Enna Police Headquarters and the Enna Traffic Police Section referred a man from Gagliano Castelferrato to the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Court of Enna, for detention of animals not registered.

An intervention carried out in the context of controls to prevent the possible entry of slaughtered meat into the food chain without any traceability.

This time the check concerned a farm located in Gagliano Castelferrato where 36 animals (32 sheep, 2 horses and 2 pigs) were found without any identification and health certification, reared in an unauthorized or registered facility.

Veterinarians from the Enna Provincial Health Authority took part in these activities.

From the very first investigations it is not excluded that these animals could be placed in the clandestine slaughtering circuit, taking into account that they were devoid of any distinctive sign, that they had not been traced or reported to the health authority.

The current regulations, in fact, require breeders to register their farms with the veterinary service and to take a census of all animals, in order to protect the health of end consumers. Without these traceability systems it is not possible to know the origin and possible existence of diseases that are dangerous for humans.

The Veterinary Service has proceeded to identify all the animals and other investigations are underway on the state of health of the animals subjected to seizure.

The purpose of the activity carried out by the Flying Squad and the Traffic Police Section is twofold: to protect public health and virtuous companies that respect the rules.

The parallel market of illegally reared and slaughtered meats allows greater earnings for farmers to the detriment, however, of the health of consumers and honest farmers.

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