Sicily, Musumeci leaves the interim Sanità. No indiscretion on the successor – the Nyssian Fact

“I said at the beginning of my interim that it would not last a few days, but not even many months. So, no surprises. Today, the protection of citizens’ health passes above all through the correct management of the pandemic. We didn’t stop for a single day ”.

This was stated by the president of the Sicilian Region Nello Musumeci, in an interview with the newspaper ‘Repubblica’.

And on the hypothesis of entrusting the delegation to the resigning councilor Ruggero Razza, he added: “I said publicly that I had asked Razza from the beginning, who was not the recipient of any personal measures, not to submit his resignation. He insisted because he believed, as a criminal lawyer and as an honest man, that he first wanted to speak to the judicial authority without affecting the government. I respected his choice.

The work carried out in three years by the Department of Health is there for all to see and has been widely appreciated, even by the most loyal opponents. On the legal matter, I immediately expressed two considerations: respect for the judiciary and the awareness that in Sicily we have never delayed decisions to contain the pandemic. I do not intend to add anything else, for the moment … “.

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