Sicily: Musumeci government, Covid plan for 278 mln

Calls for business, tourism, school, publishing and transport. I recommended that the tenders be as streamlined as possible, this is an emergency intervention, because the financial resources must immediately reach the companies, which are in …

Flood risk in Catania, Musumeci: ‘Urgent cleaning of the canals’

In the proximity of the winter season, the cleaning of watercourses at risk of flooding intensifies. Four channels at risk have been identified in Catania – Buttaceto, Arci, Jungetto and Bicocca – …

Covid Sicily plan, regional tenders for 278 million

A plan to cope with the health emergency is called the Coronavirus Sicily Plan, which implements a series of regional calls for a total of 278 million euros for … first calls “, says Musumeci …

In Sicily calls for 278 million in favor of businesses, families and schools

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