Sicily jumps with Aries, stop in Bagheria: "You are all the same, the important thing is to be happy"

“Here, during this concert, you will all be accepted as you are. We don’t care how you dress, the pronouns you give yourself, your religion, your sexual orientation. The important thing is that you are happy and do not harm others. “.

White polo shirt with colored stripes and black jeans, Arianna Del Giaccio, aka Aries, made Sicily dance last night, at the Small Urban Park of Bagheria.

Very young, as a couple, with friends, accompanied by their parents. Hundreds jump to the rhythm of “The Last Night”, the double platinum song that made known the Roman singer, born in 2002.

Between one song and another, Arianna talks to her audience. Bras, packs of cigarettes, lighters, soft toys are flying. Cell phones pick up everything. There are those who embrace, those who jump. Giovanna, Serena, Giulia go up on stage to tell their experiences. Everyone feels a little at home.

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