Sicily is not just sea

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Petralia Soprana continues to be a destination for couples who want to get married in one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, fascinated by the beauty of the highest town in the province of Palermo and to enjoy the cool temperatures that the mountain offers.
The last ceremony took place last weekend.
It was the mayor Pietro Macaluso who united Diletta and Adriano in marriage.
She comes from Palermo, he from Foligno.

Their story began in Florence and to seal their love they chose the village of Petralia Soprana which made their wedding fairytale.
Petralia Soprana welcomed her guests with simplicity, becoming the glue of different cultures for three days; in fact, the guests of Diletta and Adriano came from all over Europe.
The corners of the Borgo dei Borghi (2018) served as a living room offering the pleasure of relaxation.

The guests who waited for the newlyweds in Piazza del Popolo admiring, between a granita and a cold drink, the splendid historic center with its medieval streets, historic residences and churches of extraordinary beauty.
The ceremony was held in the Mayor’s office inside the Palazzo Comunale, once a Carmelite Convent.

A different wedding, quite another thing compared to the ceremonies we know, there were no culinary corners but the landscape, the millenary history of the village, the breathtaking panorama that ranges from the mountains of Palermo to Etna passing from Enna and Caltanissetta with flights pindarici on the Madonie Park.

The choice of Petralia Soprana was not accidental as Diletta said, specifying that she wanted to dispel the idea that Sicily is only sea.
Sicily is many things, many special places like this one, rich in beauty and history, art and culture but, above all, of welcome and warmth, of an authentic and genuine hospitality.

Soon Diletta and Adriano will return to London where they work for two foundations, he in the field of services for non-profit companies, she as manager of development projects for youth unemployment.
Mayor Pietro Macaluso, wishing all the best to the new spouses, invited them to return to Petralia Soprana.

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2022-08-06 12:55:00

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