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Sicily is among the favorite destinations of Europeans and Italians for Easter, Palermo in the lead

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The resumption of tourism is a fact after these two difficult years of pandemic and it seems that confidence and the desire to travel have also returned to finally enjoy a well-deserved holiday; according to the powerful search engine for flights and hotels, searches for flights increased by 150%, while those for hotels increased by 210% in the first three months of 2022.
In fact, searches for Easter are already back to levels similar to 2019.
Furthermore, users spend 30% more time searching for different solutions, budgets and alternative dates, which shows that there is a concrete interest and a real intention to travel and find a good opportunity.

Many of the Europeans who have decided to travel during Easter 2022 are choosing Sicily and Italy.
The high level of vaccination of the population, the decrease in the incidence and the lower danger of the Omicron variant, together with the pleasant spring climate in the Bel Paese, the wealth of culture, landscapes, traditions, as well as the rich offer of food and wine and hospitality have made sure that Italy has become the second most sought-after country on Jetcost to spend these holidays, behind Spain and before Portugal. regularly analyzes the searches carried out through its site, in order to obtain very reliable data since these are real searches and not surveys.
The data analyzing the results of flight searches during Easter 2022 indicate that a large majority opted for Sicily and especially Palermo, which has become the fourth most sought after city by French travelers, the fifth by the Germans, the seventh by the Dutch.
and by the Portuguese, the eighth by the Spaniards and the tenth by the English.
In addition to Palermo, Catania is also among the most sought after cities, being the fourth choice for the Germans, the eighth for the French and the Dutch, the ninth for the English and the twelfth for the Spaniards.

For Italians, Sicily is one of the favorite destinations, with Catania second most sought after city in the world, while the choice of Palermo to spend these days of rest and leisure in fifth place.
Furthermore, the capitals and main cities of European countries are, together with other Italian cities, the first most desired destinations: Barcelona in fourth place, Paris in sixth, Amsterdam in seventh, Madrid in ninth, Lisbon in eleventh, London in thirteenth.
, Seville in the sixteenth, Valencia in the seventeenth and Tenerife in the twentieth.
Those who chose long-haul destinations opted instead for Dubai in 14th place and New York in 15th.

Ignazio Ciarmoli, Jetcost Marketing Director, said: “After two years of pandemic, normality is finally returning to our lives and with it the desire of Europeans to travel.
It is great news to see that tourists’ interest in Sicily is is kept for another Easter and that it continues to be one of the main tourist destinations in the world, among the good prices it offers, in comparison to other cities, its cultural wealth and its beauties at this time of year; its varied gastronomic offer and its good hotels and services continue to seduce a large number of tourists who have chosen it as their favorite Italian island on the Jetcost search engine.
It is therefore not surprising that with their numerous attractions Catania and Palermo are once again among the cities most sought after by Italians during Easter 2022 “.

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